Phimai Boat Races
Phimai Boat Races is held yearly by the people of Amphoe Phimai on the second weekend of November. Apart from the races of boats in Phimai and nearby districts, this interesting event has boat decorations for royal ceremonies and boat chants.

Phimai Festival
Phimai Festival is organised to promote tourism activities in the provinces main tourist destination of Phimai Historical Park that is held in conjunction with Phimai Boat Races. Activities include long boat racing, cultural performances, religious processions, and a light-and-sound show.
Thao Suranari Memorial Fair
Thao Suranari Memorial Fair is an annual provincial event that is held during 23 March-3 April, the period Khunying Mo was victorious over her enemy. The fair features arts and culture, shops and exhibitions of public and private offices.